Summer Special

Lemonades with soda, made with home-made syrups and fresh fruit and ice. 700 ml

Grapefruit & basil 3,20€

Pineapple & lemon 3,20€

Strawberry & mint 3,20€

Maracuja 3,20€

Iced Fruit Fresh

100% fruity, ice-refreshing, sweetened with our sugar-free pijo bio syrup. 500 ml

Strawberry 3,50€

mixed strawberries with ice, raspberry syrup (without sugar) and mint

Mango 3,50€

mixed mango with ice, elderflower syrup (without sugar) with mint and lemon juice

Ice Tea

Original, loose, dried tea, prepared fresh on your order. 500 ml

Sencha 2,70€

refreshing taste of green tea, lime and mint

Maté 2,70€

fresh, light taste of Maté and tropical fruit


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